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Voice Over


When done correctly, a Voice Over can elevate your content to the next level.  At JHVoices we utilise the very best studio equipment and acoustically treated environments to capture the high quality audio you are looking for. 

From a simple one hundred words, to 10's of hours of content, we have the flexibility to work with you no matter your project aspirations.

Looking for that little bit extra? At JHVoices we have experience working as audio consultants with our long term clients.  Some industries put out content almost daily,  so we have flexible working arrangements to ensure you experience the level of quality you need, when you need it without getting caught up in contracts and Invoicing every time. 

Why not speak to the team today to find out how JHVoices can work with you to achieve your goals. 


Get your Brand heard, breath life into your products and services

Radio/TV & Web Advertising

Medical &

The power of the spoken word, teach your audience to listen

Presentations, Pharma, Academic Guidance, Corporate Training, How-To

and many more.....


Bring your fan base 
closer to the sport

Track side presenter & flash interviewer,
helping to connect fans to their favourite sport


Enhance your visual with a professional spokesperson

Presentation, Animation, Commercials, Instructional and many more.....

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