At JHVoices, we understand that sometimes seeing

is believing! Let us help you deliver your brand message.

Whether you are creating a single camera tutorial, or a location shoot with a full AV crew, we are here to support you.

Our presenter team can be available in a variety of ways.


Why not get in touch today to learn more about JHVoices presenting options.


If you prefer to reach out to an agent to discuss an ongoing contract opportunity, you can also reach out to 'LoudSpeaker' by clicking on their banner below!


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 "You Need to See it With Your Own Eyes..." 


Be seen how you intend, breath life into your products and services

Radio/TV & Web Advertising

Virtual Tours

Take a guided tour from the comfort of your own home or office

Realtors and Estate Agencies, New Tech Platforms, Gaming Walk through, How To and many more.....


Making a series of shorts, or perhaps a comedy narration of this weeks internet heroes? 

YouTube, Insta Video, Informative Short Address, Facebook Advert and many more....


Enhance your content with a professional presenter 

Education System Material, Instructional videos, Un boxing, Reviews and many more...